Lack of communication

can ruin a lot of good sh*t.

Freeflow is a virtual office

We believe that reimagining communication is our greatest opportunity to improve distributed work for everyone.

What makes us different

Audio first

That’s right, no video. Relax, go on a walk, and don’t worry about your background.


Know who is available and talk to your coworkers with one click. You don’t need to key around an avatar or send meeting links.

Simple to use

Freeflow's design is familiar and integrates with your other tools like Slack.

Teams collaborate, meet, and hangout on Freeflow.

2. Everyone gets a personal audio space (their desk), and can create public audio spaces (rooms). 

1. Your whole team is put together in a shared space we call the “office floor”. 

4. Hang out in small or large groups. Meet new teammates, collaborate, and connect with your team.

3. You can see where everyone is, who they are talking to, and join-in in real time.

5. All when you want, how you want. You have total control over when you’re free to talk, so you still get your focus time.

Hot off the press

Hot off the press

Hot off the press

Hot off the press

Hot off the press

In the first 5 minutes of being on @joinfreeflow, I connected with a colleague I used to see everyday in the office, but haven't talked to since we went remote over a year ago!

- Samantha Yoder -

One of the biggest things lost in remote work is chance meetings. These are very important, but hard to quantify. If you measure productivity on individual projects, everything will seem fine. Yet when you read stories of how things happened, chance meetings were often crucial.

- Paul Graham -

I find video calls 2-3x more tiring than audio.

- Andrew Wilkinson -

The lesson of Clubhouse is that live video is a bug, not a feature.

- Naval -
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